19 Jul, 2023
mortgage refinance
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mortgage refinance

The Bank of Canada recently decided to increase its trend-setting rate, bringing it to 5.0%, marking the first time since 2001 that the rate has reached this level. The rate increase has also led to an uptick in bank prime rates, with an average of 7.20%. Additionally, variable-rate mortgage holders can expect their monthly payments to increase by approximately $15 for every $100,000 in mortgage balance. With these changes in interest rates, many homeowners may be wondering if now is the right time to refinance their mortgages.

The rate future appears to be uncertain, and the Bank of Canada’s efforts to cool the economy and curb inflation have resulted in a series of hikes over the past year. While the bank does not expect inflation to reach its target of 2% until mid-2025, the possibility of a recession or a rapid increase in unemployment could lead to a drop in interest rates. Currently, expectations for a rate drop are projected to be pushed out to at least Quarter 2 of 2024, with the likelihood of rates remaining higher for an extended period. As a result, many homeowners, investors, and economists are adjusting their budget forecasts accordingly. 

For fixed-rate mortgages, lenders have recently increased their rates to align with yields, which have risen as the central bank signaled its intention to raise rates further. These fixed rates are influenced by various economic indicators such as job numbers, inflation rates, oil prices, and US market conditions. Since market conditions have not yet stabilized after the pandemic, fixed rates are expected to be volatile and may continue to rise in the short term in anticipation of potential future rate hikes. However, once the Bank of Canada enters pause mode, there may be room for a 0.50% decline in fixed rates throughout the year. Nonetheless, substantial decreases in fixed rates are unlikely until the central bank begins cutting its policy rate more significantly.


How Should Homeowners Approach The Decision to Refinance Their Mortgages?

The decision should be based on individual circumstances rather than solely considering the direction of interest rates. It’s important to evaluate the interest rate on your current mortgage, as older mortgages may have higher rates compared to current offerings. Even during periods of rising rates, your existing mortgage may carry a higher interest rate than what is currently being offered. The money you save by obtaining a better interest rate can increase your financial security in the short term, reducing the risk of losing your home during challenging times. Refinancing can also contribute to your long-term net worth by saving you money on interest payments, allowing you to allocate those funds towards retirement savings or other financial goals. Additionally, if refinancing results in a lower monthly payment, you can enhance your short-term cash flow, providing more financial flexibility and potentially opening up investment opportunities.

It’s important to consider potential disadvantages, such as high closing costs, the possibility of ending up with a higher interest rate to avoid those costs, and the risk of decreasing equity through a cash-out refinance, which may impact your net worth.

Ultimately, the decision to refinance your mortgage should be based on a comprehensive analysis of your financial situation.

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How Can A Mortgage Calculator Help?

A refinancing mortgage calculator can be an invaluable tool to help you make informed decisions and find the best mortgage rates in Ontario. By using a refinancing mortgage calculator, you can input your current mortgage details, such as the remaining balance, interest rate, and term, along with the desired new mortgage terms. The calculator will then provide you with important information, including the potential savings, monthly payments, and the overall cost of the new mortgage.

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