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The City of Burlington

Burlington was established in 1874 as people migrated outwards from Toronto along the shoreline looking for settlement. Burlington became popular because of its proximity to transportation routes causing an economic boom in multiple sectors. In 1974 Burlington achieved city status, reflecting its growing population and development. The city has grown residentially and commercially over the years to become a destination for its retail industry and other economic sectors.

The downtown of Burlington scores great in walkability and lifestyle, the quality of life attracts numerous people to the city. Vibrant art and culture are present in the city of Burlington as well as deep history and heritage. The boom of residential housing in Burlington could be difficult to navigate, with our services and resources getting the best mortgage broker in Burlington can be easy.

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What Are The Major Shopping Centers in Burlington?

What is the population in Burlington?

Burlington has experienced steady growth over the years with a growth rate of 0.83% annually. The attractive location, job opportunity and lifestyle all play pivotal roles in the growth and expansion of Burlington. The city is estimated to have a population of almost 200,000. Burlingtons attracts a diverse range of residents, including young professionals, families, and retirees. The population growth has led to rapid development of residential areas and the expansion of amenities and public services.

Burlington scores great in lifestyle, walkability and quality of life. Being on Lake Ontario property is more desirable than ever, if you’re looking for the best mortgage broker in Burlington our services and resources can be the best option for you.

mortgage broker burlington
mortgage broker burlington

Brockville has a modest population of around 20,000 people living inside of the city, the annual growth rate is at -0.48% representing that people are actually leaving the city and moving elsewhere. However, Brockville is a beautiful town on the Saint Lawrence offering great amenities to the citizens. The tourism industry in the town thrives with great opportunities for fishing, camping, hiking, and great golf courses in the area.

The average price of a home in Brockville sits around $500,000, with a median annual household income of $63,000. A mortgage broker in Brockville can help tailor the search for your unique needs and find the best rates.

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