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Know Your City: Timmins, The City with a Heart of Gold

The history of Timmins can be dated back to 1911 when the community was established as a residential area to serve the nearby Hollinger gold mine. The gold rush in the area brought thousands of prospectors to the nearby mines and brought lots of business to the towns. The thriving mining industry helped Timmins grow exponentially, establishing essential infrastructure and services to serve the influx in new residents. As the years progressed Timmins diversified its economy beyond mining and grew into multiple sectors, including forestry, agriculture, and tourism. Today, Timmins is a city with modern amenities and services capitalizing on its warm community and beautiful scenery to drive tourism in the area.

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What is the population in Timmins?

The current estimated population of Timmins is around 40,000 with an annual growth rate of -0.43%. This shows that people are tending to move away from Timmins but the city still has so much to offer. Renowned for a diverse population, different culture and communities all reside in Timmins. Being one of the largest urban areas in Northeastern Ontario, the city acts as an economic hub for surrounding communities offering vital infrastructure and services. Residents actively participate in the community and foster a welcoming atmosphere in the city.

The average price of a house in Timmins is around $370,000, with a median household income of $82,000. A mortgage broker in Timmins can help tailor the search and find the best rates.


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