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Cottage Mortgages: We can Finance Your Great Escape

Owning your own vacation or recreation property (cottage) doesn’t have to be a dream. Here in Ontario, we have some of Canada’s premier vacation and recreation real-estate available. With interest mortgage rates at incredible lows, you can capitalize before interest rates climb. We partner with the best Rural Lending Institutions in Canada whose specialty is vacation and recreation property. 

You can purchase a Recreational Property with as low as 5% down through CMHC and Genworth Insured.

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Ready for a weekend retreat or a year-round second home? Cashin Mortgages will find you the best financing to make your dreams reality.

The Cashin Mortgages Team has specially tailored products for vacation and recreation properties, including:

  • 95% purchase financing

  • Fully-discounted interest rates and below-bank-posted rates

  • Advance prepayment privileges – pay off your mortgage faster!

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An Investment Mortgage is a loan used to purchase properties with the intention of generating rental income or capital gain, rather than for personal occupancy.

Construction Mortgages disburse funds in instalments as construction milestones are met. Borrowers typically make interest-only payments during the construction phase and then transition to regular mortgage payments once the home is completed.

Ready to make your cottage dream a reality?

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