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Waterloo, the Innovative City

The history of Waterloo is interesting and deep, the settlement grew and was incorporated as a village in 1857. Transportation infrastructure  including the Waterloo Bridge and railway lines played a crucial role in the expansion of Waterloo. In 1948 Waterloo was Incorporated as a city and the urbanization of the area continued at a rapid rate. The establishment of the University of Waterloo further attracted students, faculty, and executives from all over the world, expanding the city even more.

Today, the addition of Wilfrid Laurier University plays an important role in the economic systems of the city. Waterloo is known for its vibrant cultural scene, educational institutions, and research centers. The city offers a high quality of life with lots of modern amenities and services.

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What is the population in Waterloo?

Waterloo’s population has been continuously increasing over the years due to the city’s thriving professionals, families, and people of various cultural backgrounds make up the city’s diversified population. The current population is estimated to be around 110,000 people with an annual growth rate of 1.20%. The city has a vibrant downtown and nightlife attracting students and young professionals alike. Industries like tech and manufacturing have also found a home in the city further boosting the city’s economy.

The average price of a house in Waterloo is around $800,000 with the median annual household income being $95,000. A mortgage broker in Waterloo can help tailor the search for your specific needs and find the best rates.economy, distinguished educational institutions and desirable quality of life. Students,


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