8 Sep, 2023
low supply housing
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Market Update and Insights

Navigating the Current Real Estate Landscape

In the ever-evolving world of real estate, staying informed is key to making sound investment decisions, whether you’re a seasoned investor or a prospective homebuyer.

As we embrace September and its changing seasons, let’s explore some crucial insights into the current real estate market.


Low Supply Persists: Despite recent increases in the number of homes listed for sale across the country, the real estate market continues to grapple with a persistent issue—low supply. This shortage of available homes, compared to pre-COVID levels, is reshaping market dynamics and deserves our attention.

low supply housing


Construction Challenges Abound: The real estate sector is grappling with the effects of high-interest rates, which are not only tempering demand from potential homebuyers but are also impacting the creation of new housing supply. Specifically, single-family housing starts have plummeted to their lowest levels in a decade. This trend poses challenges for both borrowers and lenders alike.

constuction crunch

House Prices and Regional Variations: Nationally, house prices remain approximately 12% below their peak levels, but it’s essential to consider the regional differences. Some areas may see prices holding strong, while others experience more significant fluctuations. Understanding these regional variations is crucial for making informed real estate decisions.

fallen house demand

July Price Surge: A positive sign for the market is the recent surge in house prices. In July, prices experienced a notable uptick, with a national increase of 1.1%. This marks the fourth consecutive month of price growth, indicating a potential revival in the market. Whether you’re considering a new home purchase or a refinance, this trend could have implications for your decision.

house prices in july

Inflation Surprises: Inflation has become a hot topic. While experts anticipated a rise to 3% in July from 2.8% in June, the actual annual increase exceeded expectations, reaching 3.3%. This unexpected inflation rate has far-reaching economic implications, impacting everything from interest rates to consumer spending.

In conclusion, the current real estate landscape is a dynamic one, influenced by a variety of factors. Staying informed about market trends and developments is essential, regardless of your real estate goals. Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a first-time homebuyer, or simply interested in real estate trends, the information above can help guide your decisions.