6 Nov, 2023
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Important Economic Trends: Navigating Canada's Changing Landscape

As we approach the final quarter of the year, it’s essential to take stock of the economic trends that are shaping Canada’s financial landscape.

In this update, we will dive into some key insights about the Canadian economy and what they mean for businesses and individuals across Canada.

1.  Business Inflation Expectations

Despite recent reports of lower inflation rates, it’s worth noting that over half of Canadian businesses are still expecting prices to rise by more than 3% over the next two years. This anticipation presents a unique challenge for businesses striving to manage costs and maintain profitability, particularly as we approach the year’s end.

Business Inflation Expectation


2.  Consumer Sentiment 

In September, Canadian consumer sentiment faced a significant downturn, reaching its lowest point since the early days of the pandemic and the 2008 financial crisis. This dip in confidence raises concerns about future consumer spending and investments patterns.

canadian feeling blue


3.  Population Growth 

On a positive note, Canada’s population is experiencing rapid growth, with nearly 360,000 people added in the third quarter alone, marking a remarkable growth rate of 0.9%. This surge represents the most substantial population increase in over 50 years, bringing forth both opportunities and challenges for our communities and businesses, especially in the last quarter of the year.


Record Population Growth in Canada


4.  Affordable Housing 

Alberta and Atlantic Canada have witnessed an increasing number of Canadians relocating in search of affordable housing options. This trend gains particular importance as we enter the last quarter of the year. It highlights the pressing need for affordable housing and underscores the importance of effective housing policies in different regions.

In search of affordable housing

5.  House Price Expectations

Our surveys reveal that Canadians now expect house prices to rise by approximately 5% annually in the future, a significant increase from the 2% expectation at the beginning of the year. It’s essential to bear in mind that the housing market is in a constant state of flux, particularly as we move into the final quarter of the year.

house expectations


In conclusion, these economic trends emphasize the complexity of the current economic landscape, especially as we head into the year’s last quarter. While concerns around inflation and consumer sentiment persist, the surging population and the ever-evolving housing market present new opportunities and challenges. Staying well-informed and being prepared to adapt your strategies is paramount in navigating these changes.

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