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Our sales procedure and industry integrations help you carry out these tasks with ease and become a super producer.

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NITRO Mortgage System – One dashboard has endless possibilities.
Integrated end-to-end mortgage power system that efficiently manages the entire mortgage process. Ignite your business with NITRO!

OriginationsWe are neutral and offer the industries leading origination platforms.

  • You can use your favourite origination platform Filogix, Expert, Filogix Pro, Finmo, BOSS, Velocity, Scarlet and Pinch all integrate into NITRO for seamless integration and data management.
  • Mobile responsive application wizards to service the 70% of mortgage clients who use their smart devices to apply for a mortgage.
  • In-line income and bank interactions. Allow you to data scrape bank accounts, NOA’s and other government documents seamlessly.
  • Client Dashboards/portal so a client can easily upload documents
  • Data Protection in transit and at rest
  • Lender Match, match lenders to your applications or expand your criteria.
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  • Nurture your database to anticipate when your clients are ready to buy.
  • Develop and nurture your leads with drip campaigns and call triggers.
  • Facilitates the mortgage sales process with intuitive triggers for tasks, keeping clients and partners on track.
  • Prioritize deals to close more sales.
  • A CRM system for pipeline management allows you to track different stages across numerous pipelines.
  • Personalized client Milestone updates
  • Personalize all communications
  • KPI dashboard to monitor and fine tune your business in real time.
  • Integrated with Solicitors so you can keep eyes on the deal in the solicitor’s office

Email integration

  • Enables you to access your emails from within your CRM, which means you can essentially abandon Gmail and manage all of your sales emails from a single interface.

Appointment Management, you’ll be able to manage sales more efficiently, automate scheduling operations, and shorten sales cycles.

File Management

You will safely store, organize, and manage your files with our File Management procedures. It includes esign capabilities. You will sign documents digitally and request signatures manually or integrate them into our workflow using digital signatures and automated workflow.

A word processor allows you to generate spreadsheets, modify papers, and print them. It allows you to collect and prioritize your ideas, compose text, and electronically store it.

In-House Marketing

You must be present where potential clients can reach you. We assist our agents in realizing their full potential and becoming top revenue-producing agents by implementing Mortgage Industry Marketing methods.

To enhance response rates and profitable closing ratios. Our company employs on-shore and off-shore marketing staff to offer quick and responsive service to help you excel in an ultra competitive market, easily stand out from your competition.

Stock Graphics
We have an extensive library of graphics you can use for your birthday messages, anniversary and informative social media posts

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation allows us to alleviate the often repetitive marketing workload our employees receive daily. Tasks that can sometimes take several days are automated, which is a real added value for our company when implementing marketing strategies.

Email Marketing: it is a great way to reach and then attract your audience to ultimately generate profits. This requires very little investment to obtain tangible results as with other channels. Knowing what works and what does not work saves time and money.

Social Media Marketing*: From our executive dashboard, we employ real-time posts, and scheduled content, monitor social media advertising, and connect with followers.

Surveys: Surveys help us to better understand customer expectations and needs. Thanks to them, the company has additional data to carry out its future campaigns.

Forms: Better intuitive forms are integrated directly into your NITRO for improved connectivity and reliability.

Landing Pages*:
Capture more leads with your personalized landing pages. Easily improve your lead capture success by tiering your print, social and other forms of advertising to your personalized webpage.

Events: NITRO handles all successful events, webinars, and virtual conferences, providing useful analytics.

Integrated Business Planning Tools:
Do you know the mathematics of your success? We can help with our business planning tools and calculators. “Know your Number” is how we help agents hit their targets every month. There is no single road to success in the mortgage sector; rather, there are several. We’ll help you to find your niche in this business. The options are limitless. We can aid you in accomplishing your goal and becoming successful.

We have a variety of ways to learn. We have an extensive library of online videos, book into technology training for our systems, Weekly calls, social media groups and much more. Now you can train at your own pace, in-class or live online.

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