26 Feb, 2024
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Understanding the Shift:

Why 45,000 Realtors Have Left the Ontario Market

In recent years, the Ontario real estate landscape has experienced a seismic shift, with approximately 45,000 realtors exiting the industry since 2022. This mass departure has been particularly pronounced in Toronto, which boasts the highest number of realtors per capita globally. The ripple effects of this exodus extend beyond mere numbers, as Ontario and British Columbia, being more reliant on real estate than other provinces, experience a more substantial impact on their employment rates.

The reasons behind this significant departure are multifaceted. Regulatory changes, including enhanced ethics codes and the government’s ability to investigate realtors’ conduct, have raised the bar for industry standards. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated existing trends, leading to a floodgate of new realtors entering the market during the pandemic boom.

However, the sheer volume of new entrants has led to concerns about the quality of service and expertise available to consumers. Experienced realtors are crucial in helping buyers navigate the complex real estate market and ensuring successful transactions. As the market heats up again, there is a palpable concern that inexperienced realtors may re-enter the market, potentially compromising the integrity and efficiency of real estate transactions.


The departure of 45,000 realtors from the Ontario market underscores the transformative changes occurring within the real estate industry. From market saturation to shifting consumer behavior and regulatory challenges, various factors have contributed to this significant exodus. Moving forward, real estate professionals must embrace adaptation and innovation to navigate the evolving landscape successfully. By staying attuned to market trends, leveraging technology, and delivering exceptional service, realtors can position themselves for long-term success in the dynamic Ontario real estate market.

Source: Based on industry reports, https://www.crea.ca/