6 Apr, 2023
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Easter is just around the corner, and with it comes the thrill of Easter egg hunts! There’s something about the thrill of searching for colourful eggs filled with surprises that brings out the child in all of us. 

But why settle for a basic egg hunt when you can make your celebration egg-stra special with these creative Easter egg hunt ideas?

1. Easter Egg Challenges for Kids

Forget finding the eggs; the most exciting part of this twist on your traditional Easter egg hunt is the challenge written on a piece of paper inside each egg you find. Then, to get the next hint about the next egg’s hiding place, you must complete the assignment or challenge inside the egg.

Here are some sample tasks you can place in the eggs:

  • Jump around the room like an Easter bunny for 1 minute.
  • Dance ballet on Swan Lake instrumental.
  • Name three blue fruits.
  • Do a headstand.
  • Sing the song “Let it Go” from Frozen.

The kids will be delighted when they complete an assignment, this idea makes the egg hunt much more satisfying!

2. Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

This is the most common Easter egg hunt idea, but everyone loves a classic egg hunt! Aside from the actual eggs you have to find, you can also turn it into a competition with a grand prize for whoever finds the most eggs!

In addition to that, you can assign a special reward to some eggs based on their colour or pattern. That way, the egg hunters will do their best to find the special eggs with the special prizes, but the big prize will still go to the egg hunter who finds the most eggs!

3. Scavenger Hunt

Instead of simply revealing the egg’s next hiding place or simply letting the egg hunters roam around the house looking for the hidden eggs, you can include riddles written on strips of paper with the eggs so that when they find each egg, they have a clue to the hiding place of the next egg, but this time in the form of riddles!

Here is some Easter egg hunt riddles you can use to refer to the different places in the house:

  • I am round and made of wood, you come around me and eat from me. (Dinner table)
  • You don’t like me because I’m too noisy and wake you up. (Alarm clock)
  • I have a closet, and a bed, and you like to sleep in me. (Bedroom)
  • I have a sink and a stove. (Kitchen)
  • This is where you go to watch movies and read the news. (Living room)

4. Golden Easter Egg Tickets

Have you ever wondered what it was like for the kids in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory when they got Willy Wonka’s golden ticket? Not any longer! Make your egg hunt even more exciting by hiding a few golden tickets in some of the eggs.

The egg hunters must crack open their eggs at the end of the quest, and the egg hunter with the golden ticket earns a wonderful reward! It’s much wiser to hide more than one golden ticket if you’re playing this game with children. The more golden tickets there are, the better!

5. Confetti Egg Game

This is a simple yet entertaining egg game that you can play during Easter time. Each egg must be filled with confetti by making a hole in it and pouring confetti, except for one egg that must be filled with gold dust. The eggs should be hidden in various locations.

Each egg hunter is given a specific amount of time to find an egg. They must all collect and crack the eggs on their heads after everyone gets their egg. The one who got the Easter egg containing the golden dust is the winner and must get the prize!

6. Find Scrambled Easter eggs

Here is another Easter egg hunt version. All you have to do is set a price for each egg finder that you know they like. Spell out the names of the items you’ll be giving away, then write each letter on small pieces of paper that you put inside each egg and scatter around the house.

Give each egg hunter a blank puzzle so they know how many eggs to look for in a specific location in the house. 

They can finish the puzzle and unscramble the letters in each egg to guess the prize they will get once they have found each egg.

7. Indoor Egg Hunt

Don’t let bad weather ruin your egg hunt. Create an indoor hunt with clues leading to the eggs hidden throughout the house. You can even use household items to create obstacles or challenges for the kids to complete.

8. Easter Egg Hunt for Adults

The Easter egg hunt games are not just for kids, adults can also join in with their version of the egg hunt. You can give out rewards with a kinky twist, write dirty commands on the paper pieces inside the eggs, or even draw kinky designs on the eggs.


With these creative Easter egg hunt ideas, you can make your celebration egg-stra special and create lasting memories with your family and friends. Happy Easter!