Is Your Renewal Date Approaching?


When your mortgage term is up, it becomes open for renewal. Renewal allows you to negotiate a new term and a new interest rate for your mortgage. Often homeowners make a mistake, they keep their current lender and accept the first offer the lender presents. More often than not, this offer isn’t the best interest rate. Your bank will not automatically offer you the best rate – be sure to shop the market.

  • Time to renew? We have 14 + Banks, Trust Companies and Financial Institutions compete for you

  • Restructure your mortgage – pay it off years sooner, save thousands in the process

  • Upon renewal, get our simple mortgage transfer and a detailed mortgage assessment for the lowest rate possible

Banks know mortgage renewal takes time and that many of their customers don’t follow interest rates closely. Don’t be folled, your bank will never make a great first offer. Mortgage renewal is a staple of Cashin Mortgages, we save clients from falling victim to the first offer the bank presents. We save our clients money. We shop the market aggressively and find you the perfect product to fit your needs, with the lowest interest rate possible. When your mortgage is up for renewal, there’s no legal fee to switch lenders. So why stay with a lender who won’t give you the best deal? (Not applicable to collateral mortgages; please contact your lending institution for clarification).

The Cashin Mortgages offers the best renewal rates in Canada and we take the time to structure a plan that will allow you to pay off your mortgage faster. We do it with a 24 hour approval turn around. Because the majority of our partner institutions are strictly mortgage lenders, 100% of their time and effort is focused on the mortgage market. This is vital to providing the interest rates and service you deserve.