31 Jan, 2022
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Year of the Tiger

Be Strong. Be Confident. Be Brave… Be Happy.

Well, it has been two years and it seems like the biggest topics of conversation have been lockdowns, quarantines, restrictions, variants, and COVID. Lives were flipped upside down, businesses closed, houses seem impossible to afford. Looking back, 2020 was the Year of the Rat which fittingly was about survival. 2021 was the Year of the Ox which presented us with adapting to a new reality. As we enter 2022 with the Year of the Tiger, we enter the year of change – much-needed change in all aspects of life.


We’ve learned that the future is very uncertain, that life is not guaranteed and especially not to be taken for granted. The Lunar New Year gives us an opportunity to let go of the past and begin again with a clean slate. It is the time to connect with our ancestors, give thanks and use their infinite wisdom to move forward. The Year of the Tiger welcomes big changes with power, courage and momentum. With over 2 billion celebrating this holiday, now more than ever is it important to come together as a family, country, and world as one, to celebrate all the things that we can look forward to in 2022.


What do you want to change in your life in 2022? How have you been set back these past two years and what will it take to bring you where you want to be? 


If it’s your financial situation you want to improve, the solution might be easier than you think. Whether you were off work, worked limited hours for months at a time, had to close your business for the sake of survival, were forced to take out your savings just to make payments for your home and grocery bills, or had to increase debts just to stay afloat – the impossibility of the future does not have to exist. There are solutions, answers and possibilities with Cashin Mortgages. The only question left is, are you willing to use the power and determination of the Tiger to do what it takes?


Our team at Cashin Mortgages has numerous strategies to help you and your family increase your family wealth. Take control by:

There is no time like the present time to take action and create change for the better.


We use our past to build our future. The superstitions that exist within Chinese culture show us that, whether we believe it or not, our past influences our present actions, which impact our future and become our reality. If we can start the year off with our thoughts and actions aligned with goals of abundance, prosperity and happiness, the result of what follows could create lasting peace, relief and wealth. If you can avoid washing your hair or clothes on New Year’s Day, it is strongly encouraged! It is believed that it washes away good luck. Sweeping your home or taking out the garbage sweeps & throws away wealth, and eating porridge brings poverty – starting the year “poor” is considered a bad omen. In essence, the first day of the New Year and what is done on it is an indication of what the year will bring, so it is important to avoid using sharp objects, breaking things, doing any work or chores, or giving odd amounts of money in a red envelope because good things always come in doubles in Chinese tradition. During this time more than ever, it’s also important to be mindful of the words we use because they too will reflect the year to come. 


For our food lovers out there, there are some foods that are considered lucky and must-haves throughout the festival season – especially on the traditional New Year’s Eve family reunion dinner. Let me repeat – you can actually eat delicious food specifically for welcoming wealth and prosperity into your life. These lucky foods include fish, which sounds like ‘surplus’ in Chinese and symbolizes abundance, and dumplings which signify wealth – the more you eat, the more money you can make. Spring rolls also represent wealth (use the phrase “a ton of gold” when eating them), along with Good Fortune Fruit which brings wealth and fullness. Niangao (glutinous rice cake) symbolizes a higher income or position as it sounds like ‘year high’, longevity noodles signify happiness and longevity, and Tangyuan – sweet rice balls – represent family togetherness.


While we may not be able to help you immerse yourself in these wealth-welcoming superstitions, we absolutely can help you welcome the actual wealth into your life. Perhaps the increased debt is weighing you down from happiness, or that interest rate is eating at your monthly expenses. Maybe you’ve been able to maintain the equity in your home but the limited income has you observing your spending habits under a microscope. Nobody knows what tomorrow will bring, so it is time to take control of your financial situation today. Now is the time to take advantage of the historically low-interest rates, and lower your monthly mortgage payment so that you can have surplus cash in your pocket for the things you love. The Cashin Mortgages team is committed to putting you and your family into a better position financially tomorrow than you are today. 


The Tiger is vigorous and ambitious, daring and courageous, enthusiastic and generous, self-confident with a sense of justice and committed to helping others for the greater good. If you’re a Tiger or this sounds like you, we encourage you to learn more about what this year means for you and embrace the hurdles and opportunities that may arise. If you don’t know what animal you are, we welcome you to find out – you might be surprised by what you learn. 


Whether you celebrate the Lunar New Year or don’t know much about it, we encourage you to participate in some way, big or small, because it is an auspicious time for family, prayer, gratitude, and good omens. We have 365 days with the strength, confidence and braveness of the Tiger, so together let’s embrace its power and create our reality for 2022.

Contributors Melanie Daniel and Mark Cashin