20 Jan, 2023
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The Year of the Rabbit, or 4720 on Chinese calendars, begins on Sunday, January 22, 2023. Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, is the most important of the Chinese holidays.

Chinese superstitions illustrate that our past influences our present behaviours, which in turn influences our future. If we can start the year with thoughts and actions that are aligned with our financial goals, the results could be long-term.

The Rabbit represents tenderness, harmony, success, and peace in the Chinese year of the Rabbit 2023. Because the rabbit invests so much time and effort in his or her career, the rabbit wishes to be appreciated for it.

Indicate and substantiate what you want; you know what you are worth. The result of standing up for oneself is financial progress, such as a raise or bonus.

While the Year of the Rabbit will be plagued by interpersonal problems, family and house luck will improve.

It is tough to attain excellent returns for positive and partial wealth in a year when the wealth star is bleak. The analytical ability to identify market trends is vulnerable to mistakes. If you want to invest, you need to take a conservative approach. Don’t risk your money on high-risk investments to win large profits.  The capital gain dream of gambling and betting will come to waste. 

Money will begin a time of turbulence as wealth is weak and difficult to rise. If you have any “major moves” in finance, you must exercise extreme caution and avoid making large investments. Although certain funds that can preserve your wealth offer lesser returns, you will not lose money. 

The Rabbit has a weak liver and a weak back and may suffer from sciatica. Exercise on a regular basis to strengthen your tendons.

What would you like to see a change in 2023? Do you intend to implement any financial strategies this year?

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There is no better moment than now to take action and achieve positive change.


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