12 Jan, 2023
new year fresh start
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new year fresh start

Productive things  you can do this month to start the New Year off right!

A new year is typically a time for setting new goals and making new resolutions. What do you hope to accomplish or do this year? How do you get the new year off to the best possible start? It is critical to properly close out the previous year and begin the new year with a comprehensive evaluation. But how exactly? Don’t worry, we’ll help you!

1. Looking back and closing the door

Before we look ahead to 2023, we must first look back at 2022. What happened, what did you go through, and what did you accomplish? Pay attention to the things you are grateful for as well. What are you most proud of having accomplished? Have you developed a list of things you wished to do in 2022? Take that one and see how everything turned out. Certain things haven’t worked out for you, yet you still want to do them? Bring it with you to 2023. It would also be wonderful to create a photo book for 2022. This allows you to reflect on everything that happened last year and experience all of the lovely and meaningful moments.

An important thing to do is to close things. Leaving things behind in 2022 and trying to put an end to it. This is not always possible because things can continue, but often there are things that you can close. Did you experience something unpleasant in 2022? See how you can let go of this bad feeling or close the situation. Talk to someone about it or write a letter to yourself where you can write down all your thoughts. Make sure you have a clean slate in 2023 and then you will see that you can start the year more calmly and clearly.

2. Resolutions for the New Year? Create a step-by-step plan

Is a new beginning associated with making a good resolution for yourself? In any case, make sure you have a detailed clear plan. What are you looking for and why? When do you want your goal to be achieved? What are you going to do about it, what are you not going to do about it, and what reward do you expect? Do you want to succeed and be successful? Take it one step at a time, be aware of your potential problems, and be flexible. This is how you maintain motivation.

3. Bucket list

Make a list of things you wish to do in the coming year. Consider beginning your own business, increasing your hobby practice, moving, finishing your studies, enrolling in a course, and so on. Things that frequently take longer and require preparation. Write down your dreams and goals and make them a reality. Writing out your ambitions and objectives will help you to have a clear picture of what you want to achieve and then work towards it. Grab that list every month in 2023 and check how things are progressing. Are you already on the correct track, or have you not yet started? This guarantees that you follow through on your goals.

4. Organize your home

A tidy, clean, and fresh home is ideal for a new year’s start. Roll your sleeves up. Remove all of the party decorations from your home, throw away what is broken, and tidy up what you don’t use. 

Take care of every aspect of your home, go through all of your possessions, and carefully clean everything.

5. Sort through your closet.

You certainly received more than a few new pieces of clothes during the holidays (either as gifts from someone you love or as gifts to yourself), so take stock of what you enjoy and wear, and then collect all the unwanted items to sell. Another option is to donate clothing to those in need.

6. Check your pantry for any expired goods.

Non-perishables, believe it or not, perish. There’s a big chance you have some goods in your cupboard that is no longer safe to eat. Take an hour or so to empty it, inspect the labels, and throw out everything that has expired. Take a thorough look at what is about to expire so you may make a conscious effort to use it to prevent wasting any more money.

7. Defrost and clean the freezer and fridge.

This is one of the least appealing chores, but this is also a perfect time to get rid of any outdated foods and/or items you know you won’t eat.

8. Clean out your medicine cabinet.

Medications, like food, have expiration dates. Remove all expired items from your medicine cabinet, toss out anything that solely exists to take up room, and reorganize what’s left so it’s easily accessible.

9. Rearrange your furnishings.

Aside from giving your living area a new look, changing your furniture has proven psychological benefits. Place a chair here and a lamp there. You might be amazed at how much this simple repair can enhance your mood, which could be a good boost this time of year.

10. Organize the basement, attic, and garage.

While you’re relocating your holiday boxes to their proper storage locations, tidy the rest of the room. But take it slowly. If you have all three of these spaces – basement, attic, and garage – it’s not a bad idea to spread out the job over a few days to a week.

11. Get yourself in shape.

Did you eat, drink, and exercise a little more than you wanted in December? In January, make a new beginning. Live a healthier lifestyle. Choose healthy and fresh foods, exercise a few times per week, and get adequate sleep. It benefits both your body and mind. And who knows, you might even drop some weight. Simply do it. You will have more energy and do more.

If you are an entrepreneur or work in an entrepreneurial field, you want to be able to give your all every day. Your health and lifestyle choices have a significant impact on your everyday performance and productivity.

12. Update your looks

Take a look at yourself in the mirror. And satisfied with yourself? Or could your appearance use a boost? Have you had the same haircut for years? Do you always choose the same colour of clothing and ditto style? Give your looks a makeover. Choose a different dressing style. Change your hairstyle and enhance your appearance with beautiful accessories, nice fragrances, make-up, and the like, so that you get a wonderful new and nice feeling.

13. Make time for yourself.

One item should be at the top of everyone’s bucket list for 2023. More personal time! Next year, really schedule those me-time times and form self-care agreements with yourself. Why should we make time for other people and things all year if we don’t make time for ourselves? It is essential to take care of yourself, or else you will forget about the rest. It’s also a good idea to compile a list of the trips and activities you wish to do in 2023 with your family or loved ones. Consider a pleasant vacation, a specific location, an amusement park, a trip to the beach, and so on.

Make time for yourself every day from now on. Even if it’s only 15 minutes. It helps to clear your mind and relax your muscles. Practice meditation, read your favorite magazine, stare into space with a cup of soothing tea, and so on.

15. Take up new things for a new beginning

Before you know it, you’ll be back into your old schedule in the new year. Be innovative and begin doing new things that you enjoy. Things that motivate, interest, and inspire you. Try a new sport or pastime, enrol in a class, go on an unexpected trip, broaden your network of friends, and so on. Why not ring in the new year by trying out some new food with your closest friends? This is how you keep your life intriguing, engaging, and interesting.

16. Reassess your debt and create a strategy

Unless you’re going into the New Year debt-free, now is the time to take a long, hard look at your finances and devise a strong plan to better your situation.

Examine what you saved last year, areas where you need to improve, any debts you need to pay off this year, and any large costs you may need to plan for. It mentally prepares you for what you wish to achieve.

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