6 Sep, 2022
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The holidays are almost over, and it is time to go back to school. Every child faces this transition differently. Each year, going back to school takes a lot of getting used to for many children.

Every child is also different. One child is eagerly looking forward to being able to go back to school and finally seeing their classmates and a teacher again. The other is reluctantly counting down the days when school, with all its obligations and demands, starts again.

What are the best ways to ensure a smooth transition from vacation to school?

Prepare yourself and your child for school

Whether your child feels like it or not, good preparation is the key. Make sure you and your child are ready for a new school year. 

Many children like it when the holiday ends in a clear way. The last day out, a special dinner, or a fixed ritual helps your children experience that the holiday is now over. 

Talk about school

If your kids don’t feel like going to school, encourage them to voice their concerns. Talk to them, but don’t necessarily focus on their fears. Take the opportunity to remind them of the routine they were familiar with. 

Remember fun things you did during the holidays, and then discuss how things will go back to school. What will be new at school, what is your child looking forward to, and what might he/she be a little bit afraid of? By talking about the things your child dreads, you help him/her to express these feelings, and you can hopefully take away certain concerns. and you can think of what is nice about going back to school together.

Remind your kids of fun things

The start of the new school year not only brings homework but also fun things. It might be a good idea to remind your kids of events they look forward to.

Reconnect with friends

Reconnecting with school friends will all help your child manage any worries and feelings related to transitions or school resuming after a summer break.

Adjust their sleep routine

Proper preparation for school also includes resuming your sleep routine a few days before the start of the school year. This will allow your children to adapt better to the new rhythm, and they will start their new school year more relaxed. 

Make a study board

Set up a separate room at home for schoolwork. Then design a study board entirely devoted to school. You can easily move such a study board to other rooms. Make it from thick cardboard and decorate it together with your child. The board symbolizes homework and class time. At the same time, it creates a calm, inquisitive atmosphere without visual distractions. 


It’s normal for parents to feel anxious when they drop their kids off at school on the first day but try not to show your own nerves! Say goodbye lovingly but quickly and let them go without too much delay. 

How are you preparing your kids for school?